Envisage  - Rob Edwards, Managing Director 

However much we all try to deny that we are dependant on our IT, the moment it fails we are plunged into panic. Graeme's cool and considered approach offers you the confidence that he will appear when he says, and you can rely on him getting the job done. The monthly housekeeping that Graeme performs also helps to maintain smoother running of the server and has cut our "down-time" dramatically! Most of all, GL-Tech offers a cost effective and realistic approach to IT for the small business user without the techno waffle that leaves most of us totally confused.


Slaters Chartered Accountants - Steve Slater, Managing Director 

As an accountant we rely heavily upon the use of IT to deliver our service quickly and accurately to our clients. We are the kind of business that knows what we want from the computer system but do not know how to make it happen. That is where GL-Tech comes in! Graeme has been handling our IT requirements for several years. We have always found him to be straight-forward and reliable; we tell him what we want and he makes it happen. 

Where technical issues raise their ugly heads we find that Graeme is very good at explaining the issues in terms that even we can understand, and coming up with a selection of solutions to help us to decide the best course of action.

We find that a regular monthly meeting with Graeme is of value in pre-empting problems with the system and discussing system development. This is much more constructive than waiting until a problem arises then sending up a distress flare to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

The service that we receive is prompt, reliable and objective. It is delivered in a friendly and business-like fashion and I would not hesitate to recommend GL-Tech to other small businesses.